Madam Orgreenique

- Living with awareness -

By Chompreeya (Aoy) Reinsch


Teaching and practicing Ashtanga yoga for over 10 years, yoga has become part of my life. It helps me cultivating awareness and intention in day-to-day living and in managing myself towards other people around me.


My interest in plants and gardening has started from just one cactus pot given to me by my student as a gift for yoga shala opening. Since then, I have enjoyed myself learning about this living things and taking care of them.


Filters are great but great skin is better! I always look for organic & natural skincare to use and why not share with other people, right? I also love to share new makeup stuffs that I bought and happy to hear what you think!

Madam Orgreenique

Who I am? What I do?

I am Ex-Audit Manager (big 4)/Ex-FP&A Manager who is passionate about yoga and wants to explore my own capabilities beyond sitting and working in a cubicle all day.

I love sharing what I have been learning from my yoga practice with everyone and always emphasize about taking all these things to apply off the mat.

Beside managing my own small yoga program, I also sell organic & natural skincare online under the name "Madam Orgreenique" just like this blog!